Northern Lights Bridge


Under construction

Tournament Organizer is Vigfus Palsson from Iceland.


Mobile + 354 693 1061


Private lounges available.  Send e-mail and start playing with your friends

Latest tournaments

Just sit down and play 4 together  $5 pr. person. E-mail


Daily pairs tournaments are held…

Log in here for Sunday teams 7:30

Log in here for the 7:30 PM GMT Pairs

Log in here for the 9:20 PM GMT Pairs


Just type your name and press LOGIN.  Nothing in the ID Field.


The first 2 tournaments are free, but after that, it is $3,00 for each tournament.


If problems with video or audio,  Enter here for testing


No masterpoints, No privileges, No prizes are given in these tournaments.

21. mar 2021 19:30  Teams

16. mar 2021 19:30 Pairs

15. mar 2021 19:30  21:20   Pairs

14. mar 2021 19:30  Teams